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Yayyyy thank you Les, you made my dreams of being the Little Mermaid come true! (Well almost) but at least I’ve Ariel on my feet and a scuba skirt that matches the colour of her tail hehe! I LOVE YOU LESLEY ♡♡♡  (at 家♡)
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Your voice, was the soundtrack of my summer.

A song full of nostalgia that caught my eye as I was scrolling through my iPod and I played it tonight.

It got me thinking. People come and go. And at any one time, you feel especially close to someone. Tonight my thoughts are filled with you. And just maybe your voice would be the soundtrack of this summer. Just summer. Before autumn comes and you come back.

If everything changes, I hope you don’t blame me. And more than anything, Lord, keep me. When my heart fails, lead me to the rock that’s higher than I. True love’s always willing to be misunderstood isn’t it?

Let’s go July. Jesus, take the wheel for I cannot drive.

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Thunder || Boys Like Girls

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What’s better than paddle pop? Paddle pop in a tub of course. #YOUREALLMINE #PADDLEPOPFOREVER  (at 家♡)

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